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  • Mis-Made Card


        I remember when the first iteration of this trick came out in the early 90's. I was working at Land of Magic in Boca Raton, Florida and we sold DOZENS and DOZENS of them. It was a WONDERFUL trick...completely self-working and a really GREAT prop. It lent itself to SOOO many presentations. I know of one busy tradeshow pro who used it for a variety of sales pitches!

        That original version has been off the market for some years. They were very well made and when they show up on the used market (rarely – people tend to hang onto them!), they still command high prices. Now....a NEW version is available, and it's every bit as well made, PLUS it's actually slightly bigger, which makes for better visibility when performing it on a platform show or on stage!

        Essentially, what you have here is the classic "Zig Zag Lady" trick...but done without a live assistant! A SUPER jumbo Court Card acts as your assistant...this “assistant” is placed inside a heavy card sleeve with three large openings so it's in view at all times. Next, the assistant's middle is slid out to one side. It may even be removed completely! It's quite a sight to see this piece removed from a card that was clearly whole just a moment earlier! The midsection is finally replaced and the card is removed from the sleeve, where it is seen to be none the worse for wear. Huzzah, huzzah! 

        The heavy card frame is large and STURDY. The card is also well made and sturdy. With care, this will last for literally thousands of performances. There's a cool optical illusion you can do when the center section is removed.... you can show that it's much larger than the center hole in the frame...yet you still manage to pass it through that hole from back to front. I used to joke, “This is a case of a vanishing tummy that quickly reappears.... a 'gastric fast trick', if you will...though you probably won't!” Hey, it got laughs!

        One nice feature with this prop is that you may show the card and the frame from any and all long as your audience is more than three or four inches away from you, there's NOTHING to see!

        NOTE - The photos show the Court Card as a QUEEN of Hearts.  Right now, it is available ONLY with a KING of SPADES. Your Court Card MAY vary.

        Frame measures 11-1/2” high by 9” wide. The card measures 8” x 11” Comes complete with instructions.

        You'll learn this in a minute....and you'll DO it! Ideal for kidshows (a “cutting into thirds” routine with no danger to anyone), perfect for emcee's (makes a GREAT emergency filler!) and it's even suitable (with the right presentation) as a feature spot. And as previously mentioned, if you're good with scripts, there's no limit to the fantastic sales or educational presentations you can create with this well-made prop.

        Retail is $24.95. Get one while they last for only...


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Mis-Made Card

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