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  • Chinese Coin Color Change

         I LOVE this! it's one of my two or three favorite coin tricks of ALL time! This is essentially the same trick as Conrad Haden's original color changing poker chip trick, "Traffic Light". Instead of a small poker chip, however, it's made with a beautiful Chinese coin.

         A large (silver dollar size) Chinese coin is shown. It's a blue coin with golden brass accents. You simply rub your hand over the coin's surface and it magically changes from blue to red! And there's MORE! The coin is shown on both sides then again rubbed...and now the coin's color changes to a BLACK! And the best part? Both sides of the coin may be shown... the coin may be examined.... and there's NOTHING in your hands!

          I'm one of those guys who loves a clever method....and as I mentioned previously, the Haden "Traffic Light" trick was clever as all get out. Of course, they haven't been available for many, many years. This new version is actually better...because you can talk about your trip to different provinces used different colored coins...etc. It's a natural! 

        PLEASE NOTE - This is the SAME effect and same type of gaffed coin as the "Color Changing Chinese Coin" made by Joker Magic in Hungary.  I have that coin available here.  This version works every bit as well, but is less expensive.  The main difference is that this coin is SOLID....there is NO hole in the center. As such, it does not appear as "authentic" as the Joker version.  Please feel free to contact me to ask any questions you may have about the two coins and their differences.        

        The special coin comes complete with instructions that feature three different routines and detailed color photos And don't worry...there is no palming or sleights necessary. You'll love this one and USE it!  It's not inexpensive...but when you see it, you'll understand why.  It's absolute TOP quality and precision-made.

          Order one today for only...  $29.95

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Chinese Coin Color Change

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