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  • Black Widow Holdout

           There are those who believe The Black Widow may make many sleight of hand moves obsolete! The Black Widow was designed to do one thing very, very well. It does this one thing better than any other device or sleight of hand technique currently available. This one thing will let you experience how it feels to effortlessly create perfect miracles! So here's the one thing: The Black Widow enables you to invisibly exchange objects on a spectators hand simply by waving your empty hands over the spectator's hand!

          Your hands are absolutely 100% empty immediately before and after the effect. There is NO ditching, palming, or extra finger movements! Just a simple wave of your empty hands and the magic happens right on the spectator's open hand.

          Seems impossible, but with The Black Widow the impossible easily becomes POSSIBLE! Real magic is within your reach! Use The Black Widow to make: A spectator's dollar bill turn into a hundred! A bit of balled up foil becomes a real chocolate kiss! A coin bend A torn match restore! The possibilities are limitless! You can do all this and endlessly more on the spectator's hands with both of your hands completely and 100% empty before and after each effect.

          Here is how simple it is to use The Black Widow: 1. Place the object on your spectator's hand. 2. Show both of your hands completely empty! If desired, let them examine your hands. 3. Move your empty hands over the spectator's hand and make a magical gesture. 4. Immediately move your hands away from the spectator's hand to reveal the miracle that just happened!

          The Black Widow's creator, Darryl Vanamburg, has spent nearly two years perfecting this device, with Paul Harris relentlessly pushing to make it absolutely flawless in every way. The Black Widow is a sleek, compact, mechanical device that can be comfortably worn throughout the day under your jacket, long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt.  The 30 second set-up is very simple, with just a single organic anchor point.

          The Black Widow is incredibly easy to operate... Just move your empty hand forward and back. It instantly resets itself! It's always ready to go and may also be used to vanish and produce objects on a spectator's hand.  The outfit also includes effects using playing cards, business cards, and a driver's license.

           The Black Widow is elegantly constructed with the very best materials, beautifully engineered by Roy Kueppers, and designed to last a very, very long time.

          Includes complete outfit plus Instructional DVD.  Retail is $250.00. 
          This item is listed in my "Used/Collectible" category, as I have ONE ONLY.

          This one is brand new and unopened.  One ONLY.  It's yours for...


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Black Widow Holdout

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